Seven Ways to Rock Job Interviews in High School

Seven Ways to Rock Job Interviews in High School

Finding a job takes time, hard work and preparation. Cirkledin has compiled a list of the best tips to help you score your perfect after-school gig!


1.   Design Your Resume

The job you’re applying for will see your resume before they decided to interview you. It’s best to take your time writing your resume so it not only reflects you, but also details why you’re qualified for the position. Even if you don’t have paid experience, extra-curricular activities, projects and unpaid work should be listed out and show how they translate into skills for the job. To see examples of resumes for teens, click here.

2.   Research

Even before applying for a job, doing your research is important so you know what the work entails. Once you’ve secured the interview, the deep dive begins! Often, the employer’s website or social media sites will give an overview of the company. Going into the interview knowing who they are, the customers they serve, and how they do it will help you look prepared and interested.


3.   Dress Professionally

While many teens are not yet equipped with business-attire, wearing clean, well-fitting clothes and being well-groomed shows professionalism. Pairing a button-down shirt or blouse with black or khaki pants goes a long way. Remember—no rips or holes!

4.   Be Early

Better to be very early than to be late! Always plan to give yourself extra time in case you hit traffic. Plus, being on time shows the interviewer you are prompt and can clock in on time.


5.   Answer Thoughtfully

Don’t be afraid to take your time to think about a question. Coming up with an appropriate answer to a question or scenario is better than blurting out an answer.

6.   Ask Questions

Show the interviewer your sincere interest in the position by asking them questions at the end of your interview. A few examples:

-          What’s the culture like in the workplace?

-          How does this position fit into the overall mission?

-          I think I’d make a great member of your team. What are the next steps?


7.   Thank Them

End with a firm handshake, eye contact and a nice smile. Thank the interviewer for their time and tell them you look forward to hearing from them.

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